Custom Dollies

Are you interested in a custom doll?

 That’s GREAT! Custom orders are loads of FUN! Plus really easy to do!

First things, first—message me.

Tell me a few things about what you want to order:

  1. What kind of doll do you want? (girl, boy, mermaid, animal, etc.)
  2. Let me know if there is something particular you were looking for? (example: “a deer with purple glasses”, or “a doll to look like my mom”)
  3. If you would like a doll to match your little ones looks and/or personality: tell me a little about her (or his) personality—what does she like—animals, colors, etc.?
  4. Send a picture or 2 (if you would like).

 From there I will find an arrangement of fabrics to choose from. Here’s where you get to participate in the design process! YOU get to choose the fabric, skin color, hair, cheeks, freckles, and any other accessories you might like.

 The Possibilities are Endless!